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Vitellaria Paradoxa Nilotica (Shea Butter tree) is an indigenous African tree species that is widely distributed in the dry areas of northern and eastern Uganda.

Vitellaria Nilotica Butter is produced only in Uganda and Sudan and is softer, melts at a lower temperature, has a higher absorbtion rate and smells less strongly than the western kind (Vitellaria Paradoxa), that is produced in Ghana among others.

Real Shea Butter is an off- white or ivory-colored fat extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree (Vitellaria Paradoxa). Kpangnan Butter is yellow in color and comes from the African Butter Tree.

Kpangnan butter is affectionately known as "Yellow Shea Butter" or "Golden Shea Butter".

This Shea Butter is very smooth, with a firm consistency that is to be expected from raw shea. It has a light nutty smell that is also typical of real Shea.

Most people gravitate towards Kpangnan because of the consistency, the tale of it being Golden Shea, and its a bit cheaper to supply. Eastern African (Kpangnan Butter) Shea Butter is softer than West African Shea Butter. It is creamier and silky, making it quick and easy to apply. Eastern Shea Butter has a sweeter scent than West African shea butter.

Chemical structure:

Shea Butter is a triglyceride composed primarily of a monounsaturated fatty acid - oleic acid (omega-9)  (40-60%), and a saturated fatty acid - stearic acid  (20 - 50%). These components make it melt around body temperature, and absorb well into skin.

Shea Paradoxa contains more Vitamin A and is better if you want to use it on scars. The Western Shea contains more Vitamin E than the nilotica.

Kpangnan unsaponifiable value is not as high as unrefined Shea Butter.


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Kpangnan Butter is softer - powdery like - leaving you with a drier yet, silky feeling. Shea Butter is a bit harder than Kpangnan Butter and upon application leaves a bit of shine while absorbing into the skin. If you want quality, go with 100% unrefined Shea Butter for the hair and skin.
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